Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Idk why I wrote this...

Keep your head.
Don't lose track. You know what you want, and there's no looking back.
No jealousy.
Things are what they are.
Don't get caught up in what takes him out to the bar.
You are beautiful.
What every man needs.
He sent you away, find a new heart to please.
Do better, keep moving.
Turn your head from the flame.
Passion is lustful when love has no name.
Keep moving, my lady,
Move away now, you must.
Move on into the arms
That can hold you in trust.
Move away my sweet lady,
Take your heart some place safe.
This house is no home for another mistake.
Take pride in the laughs,
And take note of the pain,
He was your one and only,
You were one of the same.
As the distance will grow
I can promise you'll see
That in love you were then,
And in time still may be.
But keep moving, i promise
You'll soon reach the shore
And what awaits are the dreams
You've been dreaming, and more.

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